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Farm and Livestock

Our farmers and smallholders are very important to us, and make up a significant proportion of our work. We are able to examine the smaller, more transportable animals at the practice, and arrange most site visits for the same day. Please telephone as early as possible in the working day to enable us to be most flexible. Pregnancy diagnosis is important for most stock owners, and we offer traditional and ultrasound examination with or without certification. Flock and Herd Health Schemes can play a very important part in management of common preventable issues such as foot rot and mastitis.

Ultrasound scanning is available for pregancy diagnosis in cattle, sheep and goats. Information about stage of pregnancy and presence of  twins can be gained in cattle scanned before five months gestation.

Scanning of sheep is usually undertaken by Derek Stoakes who holds the RCVS Certificate in Sheep Health & Production. The scanning is a unique service, providing detailed information about foetal numbers and gestational stage. A computer generated report is sent to all farmers and their vets (where the service is provided to other veterinary practices' clients). Ewes can then be separated into groups according to pregnancy stage and number of lambs, and this can yield significant savings in both feed and shed space.

Farm Medicines - we keep computerised records of all medicines supplied from the practice. They include batch numbers and expiry dates, and are listed on your monthly statement, facilitating your recording of administered drugs in your Medicine Book. Sharps containers (for needle disposal) and Medicines Books are available from the practice.

TB testing is carried out either at the instruction of APHA or by personal request either as a Pre-Movement or Export test. More information about testing intervals and rules can be found on the APHA website. Please contact us in plenty of time to arrange your test. For most herds, at the first visit we will need two people to handle the cattle and a third to "do the book" ie record the skin measurements. If this is likely to be a problem please let us know when you book the test in.

The National Animal Disease Information Service is an excellent source of information about diseases in cattle, sheep, pigs, gamebirds and poultry, goats and camelids. The parasite forecast for the local area is particularly useful.

Statements are sent out on a monthly basis, with payment expected within 28 days of the statement date. We accept payment by cash, cheque, most credit and debit cards, and by BACS transfer.